Final Fantasy Omega has entirely too many characters. Here they all are, sorted by allegiance and location.

Geist Crewmembers

  • Hines, Pilot – Leader of the Geist tonberries. Smart, level-headed, at home behind the controls, though a less accomplished pilot than Darien. Tolerates the others, but patterns his behavior after his mentor, Darien Reinholder, so he’s begun affecting a put-upon manner.
  • Plax, Materia Cannon Gunner – Tallest of the tonberries, which is a textbook case of damning with faint praise. Better shot than the others, and also the most likely to cuss out anyone on the other side. Has been banned from using the external bullhorns for that very reason.
  • Twaan, Engineer/Secondary Gunner – Youngest and least mature of the tonberries, which isn’t a really long trip, to be honest. Has either a crush or something similar on Naoko. Once answered the comlink upside down. “Oh, the ship’s right-side up, I’m just upside down!” Voted “least likely to have anyone know just what the hell his deal is.”
  • Moglin, Delegate – Official MogNet representative, rescued from the Destroyer’s Seal underneath Ad Astra long before the significance of said Seal was. Managed Aidan’s campaign as governor of Luxuocidad.
  • Willemacht Krieg, Engineer – Only engineer to do his work with a claymore. Built Geist. Once went undercover as “Steve Incognito,” much to the chagrin of Darien, Kalil, and Aidan. Member of GAMMA.
  • Garrick Ramirez, Lookout – SeeD special agent sent to the northern continent to investigate the disappearances. Chain-scythe wielder who taught Kogel how to fight with Spellbreaker. Joined Geist post-northern continent. Romantically involved with Kaarie Artise.
  • Kaarie Artise, Navigator – Accomplished archer and navigator who journeyed north to find what happened to her father, an archaeologist who died on a previous expedition. Two-time defending Yoichi Archery Competition Champion.
  • M. Bezz, Lying, Cheating, and Stealing – Low-rent thief picked up in Luxuocidad when the Southern Cross was stolen by Clip Larcen. Speaks in a mix of accents, some of which have never been heard on Damocles before. Prone to stealing everything that hasn’t been nailed down, and what has been nailed down if he has somewhere to put the nails. By no means is that his real name.
  • Gurdy, Chocobo Wrangler – Formerly imprisoned in Mognet Central by the chairmoogle that preceded Stiltzkin. Joined the crews alongside her chocobo and her brother. Has promised to help Kalil start raising chocobos at his ranch. Mildly insane.
  • Hurdy, Bard – Formerly imprisoned in Mognet Central by the chairmoogle that preceded Stiltzkin. Joined the crew with his sister and her chocobo. Jams on a lute like nobody’s business.
  • Buzz Worldcracker, Chocobo – Gurdy’s faithful companion. Technically never eliminated from the Tag Team Competition. Excellent judge of character.

Southern Cross Crewmembers

  • Santana, Primary Gunner – Head Tonberry In Charge on the Southern Cross. Dual-wields chef’s knives in emergencies, and stabbed a kidnapper in the knee deep enough to instantly subdue him. Quickest wit.
  • Lavernues, Secondary Gunner – Seconday tonberry as well, in charge when Santana is otherwise occupied. Can always be found toting his lantern around so Craphonso can see into the darker reaches of the ship, either to get in or find out how to get back out. The lantern can also be used to blind someone in a pinch. Regularly wears frying pan helmets.
  • Craphonso, Engineer – Moves around the ship using a complicated system of pulleys and swinging around, making use of the thirty-seven extension cords wrapped around him like coiled armor. In a pinch, can use them as a bola to trip people. Has only needed help getting himself untied once.
  • Orlando Madge, Merchant – Loud, brash, and utterly self-serving SeeD rejection who now handles the finances for the Revelations party. Is either completely smitten by or completely intimidated by Naoko. Lost to Aidan in the Garamonde Tournament of Champions in 112 and has never recovered.
  • Dart, Cook – “YOU DO NOT QUESTION THE SALAD!” Former presidential chef hired from the Korindall Line train after the Southern Cross was put into service. Owns a halberd. Has requested his on-ship kitchen be upgraded three times.
  • Simeon Albright, Pilot – Backup pilot for the Southern Cross and current pilot of the newly-repaired Penance airship. Joined the party after the Korindall Line Incident and has served steadily since then. Returned to flying during the Ordeal.
  • Constance Deveraux, Delegate – Joined alongside Simeon, “completely not for her exotic dancing, but to raise… morale,” according to Kogel. Regularly comments on the sausagefest that is the crew. Handles negotiations with the cities that don’t like Orlando, which so far is three out of six. Almost finished with a college degree.
  • Jericho Black, Pilot – former pilot for Trick Riley, jumping ship and becoming the first crew member immediately after the party received the Southern Cross. Runs a relaxed ship, thankful to be free from Trick’s stifling influence. Has three times been clawed by Tomogara as a method of direction, a fact he’s not real thrilled about. Has some type of history with President Cid. Established himself as a leader during the Ordeal.
  • Lamec Jones, formerly the Slayer Taijiya – Kogel’s half-brother. Traveled Damocles in a mind-raped state, assassinating retired Navy officers. Is not an official part of the crew, but does have a room with the party, not the crew quarters. Has gone on his first date. Placed well in Garamonde tournaments. Paints landscapes.
  • Mogeeren, Moogle – Official MogNet representative, picked up at 70 mph from the mountains west of Night’s Run, the site where Quetzacoatl died. Manages their information and communications when Orlando has gotten himself into trouble.
  • Cristina, Bard – Former musician in Bone Village, devout worshipper of Odin who feared that the Forgotten God forgot about His believers. After Kogel both shook and reaffirmed her faith, joined the crew. Played her song for Odin at Garamonde. Does not have a last name, due to the northern continent carrying on the Old World’s single-name tradition.

SeeD (at large group)

  • Canute – Founder and first Commander of SeeD. Saved the world in the Battle of the Dragons alongside Achilles and GAMMA. Killed in a battle with Mandelbrot in Telos 113. A gruff yet inspirational man, who left a remarkable impact on the world. Never gave a full name.
  • Gaynor – First Arbiter of SeeD, though was not known as such until Canute’s passing. Served as Canute’s personal assistant during her fourteen years in SeeD, handling student inquiries and off-the-records assignments. Only showed emotion when Canute passed. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Antonio Blades – Squad B agent. Initial pilot of the Southern Cross, a post that lasted all of two hours. Current head pilot of Garden.
  • Dominique Everett – Squad C agent. Recruitment focused. Oversaw Naoko Kyuudou’s recruitment efforts, though did a bad job of it.
  • Troy Madden – Squad B covert ops expert. High school blitzball striker. Father Jonathan was a high-ranking Donnerich Navy strategist. Monitored the Brood of the Dark Lord’s operations in Donnerich. Cocky and brash.
  • Brodie Madden – Squad B covert ops expert. High school blitzball center. Father Jonathan was a high-ranking Donnerich Navy strategist. Monitored the Brood of the Dark Lord’s operations in Donnerich. Well-mannered and intelligent.
  • Casper Wooden – Squad C athletic specialist. Briefly went AWOL to try to rescue his girlfriend Nara Magna from the Brood of the Dark Lord. Returned to SeeD with minimal punishment, considering the circumstances. Backup left defensemen on the SeeD blitzball team. Champ’s teammate during his Squad A Exam.

SeeD Squad A

  • Adray Viesen – The self-proclaimed Sinister Swordsman, Adray has the Works Cited page to verify his claims. Supervised Croyle’s Final Exam. Attacked by Peyton’s turncoat agents in Striestadt, then critically injured on the northern continent, making him the most often-injured member of Squad A. Moogle-trained dancer. SeeD Majors: Military Law Enforcement, Political Science.
  • Lidan Bernier – Expert tactician and father of one. Competent archer, but much better overseeing armies. Instrumental in the Defense of Striestadt v. Anima, and Murond v. Shinryuu. A bit of a soft heart. SeeD Majors: Military Psychology, Economics.
  • Mina Sanae – Cartographer and unfailing optimist. Loves the water, and can almost always be found there. Started dating Darien Reinholder in Thino 114. Played a prominent role in multiple Ordeals, for unknown reasons. Chokeslammed Jack Russell at Garamonde 114. SeeD Majors: Battlefield Tactics (Land concentration), Environmental Studies.
  • Vidal Cavenah – Professional combat coward but master diplomat, nearly unparalleled in information gathering, and social navigation. Lover of women, or at least the idea of them, as most agents have heard about Vidal’s history by the time he meets them. A rock for the other agents in hard times. Served as head of SeeD during the Ordeal. Supervised Naoko’s Final Exam and was shot by Taijiya, but got better. Negotiated with Odin in the past. SeeD Majors: Military Diplomacy, International Studies.
  • Trish Ebihara – Accuracy and sharpshooting ability surpassed only by her opinion of herself. A notoriously unfriendly agent until you’ve made it into her circle. Loves animals and working out. Has an oddly competitive close friendship with Wu. SeeD Majors: Heavy Artillery, Architecture.
  • Wu Reiji – Technical genius and mad-scientist-in-training. Gets around in a motorized wheelchair complete with gravity bombs, repulsor lifts, net guns, and espresso machine. Runner-up in Sharpshooting 114. Has an oddly competitive close friendship with Trish. SeeD Majors: Weapons Systems & Engineering, Mathematics.
  • Gantt Nagumo – Incredibly adept spellcaster and youngest Squad A member in SeeD’s short history. Works as a DJ and AV specialist in his offtime. SeeD Majors: Alternative Energy, Physics.
  • Kerrigan Vance – Stealth and combat-focused Murond native. Naoko’s best friend within SeeD. Alternates between sardonic cynicism and girlish glee. One half of the old Canute’s Angels team with Daryl. Represented SeeD during the Ordeal. Dating Jericho. SeeD Majors: Search & Rescue, Literature.
  • Christian McCann – Captain Intelligence is the most insufferable member of Squad A. Cocky to a fault, though a remarkably good friend. Champ’s closest friend within SeeD. One half of the Heroes of Might and Magic. Did not get a beat when he asked for it. SeeD Majors: Magic & Materia, Entrepreneurship.
  • Kylie Croyle – Budding actress, model, and swordswoman for Squad A. Helped take down a Boryokudan outpost in her final exam. Wants to play Kogel in a play about him, but gender-swap the main character. Prone to method acting. Good dancer. SeeD Majors: Training & Instruction, Music & Theatre.
  • Sergei Wolfe – Largest arms in SeeD. Once tried to assassinate Gov. Avar of Luxuocidad, but got better. Almost beat Naoko in arm wrestling and then Melee 114. Stopped a car with an axe once. SeeD Majors: Post-Combat Administration, Political Science.
  • Steven Aries – Not officially part of Squad A, and instead reports to the Arbiter. Master of disguise. Short and intense, drawing comparisons to Naoko. Treats his work as a costume designer for the theater department very seriously. SeeD Majors: Military Sociology, Music & Theatre.

SeeD B & C – Naoko’s Group

Squad B

  • Talia Stone – Squad B’s sole archer, has found a new hero in Mist. Also comfortable with small arms. Trained as a scout. SeeD Majors: Navigation & Traversal, Biology.
  • Derek Sneed – Good with both numbers and a blitzball. Went undercover at Lucky Sevens to keep tabs on Clip Larcen, Clip totally knew who he was. SeeD Majors: Stealth & Infiltration, Sports Administration.
  • Nicole Morrow – Budding public relations maven, also pretty good at bowling. SeeD Majors: Heavy Artillery (Mobile concentration), Journalism.
  • Dustin Giovanni – Kinda scrawny, but very fast. Battlefield medic, also training as a mage. Trying to get “the Magician of Medicine” to catch on, not having much luck. SeeD Majors: Resources Management, Medicine.
  • Shawn Chase – Up-and-coming tactician and sniper. Frequently seen wearing a cowboy hat. SeeD Majors: Military Psychology, Engineering.
  • Ronnie Brick – The most aptly-named agent this side of Champ, Ronnie is a Big Dude. Wields axes for good measure. Kinda dumb. SeeD Majors: Infantry, Chemistry.
  • Helena Riley – Aspiring airship pilot, also figuring out undercover work. Trick’s sister. “The responsible one”. Looks up to Naoko, to her brother’s dismay. SeeD Majors: Air Combat, Business.
  • Tayshaun Nordenholt – Pure defense, one of only two SeeD agents to have a shield as his primary weapon. A quick-witted sort, he regularly appears in Ad Astra’s improv comedy troupe. SeeD Majors: Military Administration, History.
  • Corinne Henderson – The SeeD agent with the most detailed five-year-plan, Corinne’s sights are set no lower than the eventual command of SeeD itself. A bit miffed that Naoko has also taken up tonfas, and is better with them. Likes to go dancing. SeeD Majors: Battlefield Leadership (Sea concentration), Marine Biology.
  • Quinn Vega – Voted Most Likely to Crash Every Vehicle Known to Man On Purpose. Eventual goal is to become an rocketship mechanic. SeeD Majors: Aerospace Engineering, Psychology.
  • Ashton Shelley – Former mercenary partner of all kinds of people, most notably current Boryokudan member Sabin Harter and current SeeD members Jack Russell, Roderick Strong, and Steven Aries. Obnoxious without even trying. SeeD Majors: Military Psychology, Entrepreneurship.

Squad C

  • Noah Colby – Throws knives around on purpose when not brushing up on his diplomacy. Has an irritating habit of calling it “diplomancy”. SeeD Majors: Military Diplomacy, Education.
  • Erin St. John – Shield fighter, nicknamed “Armadillo” and various shortened versions of the same (Arma, Army, D-Lo, etc). Tends to think herself into corners. SeeD Majors: Military Computer Science, Anthropology.
  • Cordelia Selden – Self-appointed liaison to the upper squads, loves to chat up her superiors. Mostly out of friendliness, but not entirely devoid of networking. Fights with a rapier, trying to get a fencing team started at SeeD. No luck so far, since she’s the only one with any practice. SeeD Majors: Infantry, Biotechnology.
  • Gracia Reyes – Protege of Dart, though his polar opposite in most ways. Small, unassuming, unfailingly polite, likable if easy to overlook… right up until you mix the pickled ginger into the soy sauce. You’re not supposed to do that! Dart said! SeeD Majors: Resources Management, Literature.
  • Stacia Burress – A tinkerer at heart, dabbles in all sorts of handiwork (current favorites are jewelry making and miniature painting). Loves poker, but has learned the hard way not to play for money. SeeD Majors: Weapons Systems & Engineering, Physics.
  • Charles Baknamy – The consummate outdoorsman. Favorite activity is hiking to a remote spot in the morning, then pulling out a notebook and writing all afternoon. Claims to be able to spear fish with his weapon; has yet to demonstrate this, but does bring fish for lunch rather often. Has a twin sister named Caroline. SeeD Majors: Search & Rescue, Creative Writing.
  • Jack English – Between the gun on his hip, his brilliant grin, and his calm, thoughtful demeanor, Jack is considered by his fellow Cs to be The Dreamiest. Not many aspiring management types can claim so many female admirers, but then, not many management types are Jack English. SeeD Majors: Post-Combat Administration, Finance & Accounting.
  • Azar Rashad – An unfailing optimist that is fond of making pie-in-the-sky predictions and then acting on them, which tends to make his presence on the battlefield rather harrowing but has so far gone ok for his investment portfolio. Currently dating Squad C member Cordelia Selden. SeeD Majors: Battlefield Leadership, Economics.
  • Heather Barclay – Doesn’t strike fear into the enemy on the battlefield, but sure as hell does on the debate team. Wants to be a lawyer or a police officer, which makes everyone who learns that become exceedingly law-abiding around her. Sings lead for Fireproof Blonde. SeeD Majors: Military Law Practice, Communications.
  • Tanner Loadholt – Thoughtful and analytical, very much the strong silent type. Love kids, coaches Little League during summer break. Tends to cycle through brief but very intense crushes. Current object of his affection: Nicole Morrow. SeeD Majors: Infantry, Sports Administration.
  • Holly Rosario – Squad C’s resident mage, gravitating towards healing spells rather than damage-dealers. Lost to Darien in the opening rounds of Spellcraft at Garamonde 114, considers it a valuable learning experience. Fond of art, especially the usable kind – ceramics, textiles, etc. SeeD Majors: Training & Instruction, Art History.
  • Roger Strong – Fists of iron, constitution of steel, head of rock. A former mercenary, Strong has a near-permanent grin on his face, making him appear lovable outside of battle and terrifying in it. Kind of a bro, but more of the teddy bear type. A teddy bro, if you will. SeeD Majors: Military Law Enforcement, Geology.
  • Jack Russell – Many suspect he’s just made of cartilage, like a shark, and doesn’t have any bones at all. Loves to breakdance and freestyle rap, isn’t very good at either of them. Boundlessly energetic, but can’t seem to stick with a major – possibly because he’s not very good at this whole “classwork” thing. SeeD Majors (for now): Espionage, Journalism.

Kalil Kiran’s Family And Friends

  • Mariano Dalmasca – Tailor and swordswoman who runs Mileenese on Madain Sari. Found Kalil on the shore of Mileen and helped nurse him back to health. Found him years later to help save her village from the Brood of the Dark Lord. Happily entrenched in a relationship with him now. Spacey and chipper.
  • Kheda – Trained alongside Kalil in the Old World, but was killed by him for the sword Asuun. Kalil’s guide in the Sea of Chaos, and later helped Kalil return to life as the Warrior of Light. Entered Damocles for the first time for Garamonde. Brother of Khaelynn.
  • Khaelynn – Traveled with Kalil in the Old World, encountering the party once in Mournten. A classical white mage. Loved Kalil, and eventually was betrayed and killed by him for it. Forgave him after he apologized a thousand years later. Helped Kalil return to life as the Warrior of Light. Sister of Kheda.
  • Cloud Strife – Aeon, relic from past world, one of Kalil’s Links free of EDEN. Served as Chaos’s second before being freed from Chaos when Sephiroth killed Kalil. Quiet yet humorous. Has Paradise’s only phone. Best friends with Squall, married Tifa in the past. Needs to do so again because Ultimecia.
  • Zidane Tribal – Relic from past world, one of Kalil’s Links free of EDEN. Charming womanizer. Cocky, but an affectionate cocky. Insufferably cheerful. Called himself the Angel of Death while overseeing Kalil’s journey to becoming a Warrior of Light. Best friends with Vivi.
  • Garland – Kalil’s mentor in the Old World, and indeed the father of all Chaos. Pushed Kalil to accept humanity, and helped him become truly human as the Warrior of Light. Filled with remorse for his past actions sowing the seeds of discord in the world. Lives somehow outside of time.
  • Adahn – Captain of the Army of Light, formerly known as the Army of Chaos. Permanently killed by Sephiroth early in Kalil’s life as the Swordsman of Chaos, but restored when Kalil died. Helped Kalil return to life as the Warrior of Light. Made Kalil’s dagger for him a thousand years ago.
  • Mandelbrot – One-half of Kalil, Chaos over Humanity. Split from Kalil at the Nexus in Quel’Malar. Defeated by Kalil and Darien in 112, then broke free. Murdered Canute. Killed for good by Kalil.
  • Grol – One of Kalil’s companions during his time with Khaelynn. Killed by Kalil. Had feelings of a sort for Khaelynn.
  • Jensen – One of Kalil’s companions during his time with Khaelynn. Killed by Kalil, though circumstances are unknown.
  • Nyx – Swordswoman who stole Suqvana from Kalil at Garamonde 113. Traveled into the past, where she was taken as an apprentice by the Garland of a thousand years before. Defeated by Kogel in the past, at which time Suqvana was returned to Kalil. Has not been seen or heard from since.

Darien Reinholder’s Family And Friends

  • Erich Reinholder – Darien’s father. Owner of Jena Steelworks, which was contracted for the AERIS Machine construction in Donnerich. A bit gruff and stand-offish, and not really comfortable having a serious talk with his son about anything.
  • Gretchen Reinholder – Darien’s mother. Homemaker. Very good cook, and always glad to whip up a few extra helpings for her son’s guests, even if those guests are a chaos-fueled half Aeon and a high-life-living governor’s son.
  • Grita Reinholder – Darien’s little sister. Very shy, though starting to come out of her shell due to her famous brother. Adores her big brother, even though they’re about the same size. Currently studying in Luxuocidad. The center of Darien’s Ordeal, where she developed a terrible illness related to her headaches that never healed, with Darien giving up all aspects of his life to try to save her. Instrumental in getting Darien back.
  • Riku – Relic from a past world, and one of Darien’s Links free of EDEN. One of the Fragments of Alexander, the first one that Darien met. A young man who’s spent his own time walking between light and darkness, and understands that the difference between them depends on where in the shadows you stand. Confident.
  • Rinoa Heartilly – Relic from a past world and one of Darien’s Links free of EDEN. One of the Fragments of Alexander. Instrumental in helping her boyfriend Squall get through his own damage. Acquitted herself well in Garamonde 114. Excellent ballroom dancer.
  • Trias – One of the Fragments of Alexander, and formerly the #2 man in the Faction. Aided the party on two separate occasions, then came to Paradise, where the hold EDEN had on him was weakened. Talked out of serving EDEN by Naoko. Nearly died protecting Paradise, saved and restored by Darien. Remains at the Cathedral.

Aidan Denun’s Family And Friends

  • Alden Denun – Aidan’s father and previous governor of Luxuocidad. Entered politics after his wife passed in childbirth. Died in a fire caused by Fayre and Ifrit. Left his Lt. Governor in charge of the city.
  • Isabel Denun – Aidan’s mother. Died in childbirth with Aidan. A prominent politician at the time of her death.
  • Roxas – Relic from a past world and one of Aidan’s Links free from EDEN. A young man who has no true right to exist, Roxas nevertheless held on from Kingdom Hearts and fought to help Aidan prove he had that same right to exist post-death and post-Chaos. Alternates between angry and accepting, but a fast friend.
  • Vivi Orunitier – Relic from a past world and one of Aidan’s Links free from EDEN. A black mage who may or may not have really been alive, but the strength of his spirit answered that question as time advanced. The most huggable person in Paradise by far, and likely the most innocent as well.

Naoko Kyuudou’s Family And Friends

  • Romaji Kaigo – Naoko’s uncle. A legendary adventurer in his day, well known by politicians and scientists alike. Stopped immediately when Naoko’s parents died, and became a stay-at-home uncle to take care of Naoko. Very close to his niece. A remarkably goofy man.
  • Kanji Kaigo – Naoko’s aunt. A professor at Mysidia University. Not as close to Naoko as Romaji, but loves her niece like a daughter.
  • Maya Kyuudou – Naoko’s mother. A summoner born on Madain Sari. Stole away from the island with her daughter to avoid any fabled legends about her daughter. Died in a car accident. In Naoko’s Ordeal, the accident never happened, and Maya opened her own photography business.
  • Tetsuya Kyuudou – Naoko’s father. Died in a car accident with his wife. In Naoko’s Ordeal, the accident never happened, and Tetsuya continued his work in scientific research, working with Arich Zokunnen on a successful AERIS Machine.
  • Rika Kyuudou – Naoko’s sister from the Ordeal. A self-assured fashionplate. Best friends with Naoko, they promised to tell each other about their first boyfriends. Confident Naoko was secretly seeing Aidan.
  • Seiji Kyuudou – Naoko’s brother from the Ordeal. An endless fountain of accident-prone energy. Thought Aidan was the coolest thing in the world. Felt his oldest sister slept in way too long all the time. Read mysteries.
  • Shiori Kyuudou – Naoko’s sister from the Ordeal. An avid reader of all types of books, though nothing moreso than Griffinborn. Didn’t want Naoko to join SeeD.
  • Tidus – A relic from a past world, and one of Naoko’s Links free of EDEN. Served as Eden’s guardian within EDEN, wielding a static sword and sporting an artificial eye. Accompanied Naoko and Eden on a journey to better understand the truth, and then guarded them both to ensure their safe exit. A bit rash. Jecht’s son, Yuna’s love.
  • Balthier – A relic from a world that hasn’t existed, and one of Naoko’s Links free of EDEN. Drawn into the Ordeal by Eden’s desperation to break the party out. Decided to help Naoko after being quite amused at the situation between her and the Ordeal’s Aidan.

Champ Justice’s Family And Friends

  • Boss Justice – Champ’s father. Former admiral in the Donnerich Navy. A cantankerous old man who doesn’t trust anyone for any reason. Left the Navy after the incident on Kogel’s island, and was instrumental in the court martial and disbandment of Project: Slayer.
  • Latosha Justice – Champ’s mother. In charge of her family, despite being married to an admiral. Has never looked anything less than fabulous. Wants only the best for her baby.
  • Jecht – Relic from a past world and one of Champ’s Links free from EDEN. Served as the world’s enemy in his world, all for a friend. Fought for EDEN early in Damocles, but orchestrated his exit to try and help bring it down. Gruff and inappropriate. Father of Tidus.
  • Sora – Relic from a past world and one of Champ’s Links free from EDEN. Served as the hero and the source for Kingdom Hearts to save all the past heroes, and may or may not be instrumental in keeping it going. Exists solely in the Stations that guard the hearts of the heroes. Older than his years, but hasn’t lost his high spirits.

Kogel’s Family And Friends

  • Thierry Sever – Kogel’s father. Materia scientist of no small renown. Grew distant during his research, and occasionally neglected his family. Contemporary of the Sages. Died in the island fire.
  • Freya Sever – Kogel’s mother. Doting and loving. Raised young Karl largely on her own. Died in the island fire.
  • Glenn – A childhood friend of Karl’s. Older brother of Dolors. Took care of all the kids on the island, despite only being two years older than Karl. Someone everyone looked up to. Died in the island fire.
  • Michael – A childhood friend of Karl’s. Big blitzball fan. Died in the island fire.
  • Adrian Jones – A childhood friend of Karl’s. Remarkable blitzball talent, even as a child. Lamec’s older brother. Died in the island fire.
  • Dolors – A childhood friend of Karl’s. Glenn’s little sister. Better friends with Karl than the others. Died in the island fire.
  • Allison Jones – Friend of the Severs. Had an affair with Thierry that led to Lamec being born. Wife of Coren Jones, instigator of the attack. Killed by a Donnerich Naval soldier.
  • Glenn Sever – Kogel’s son from the Ordeal. A mass of blonde curls and a desire to explore everything. Thought his father could do no wrong. Found the mask of Taijiya, and his father fought to keep him safe from the spectre of his old torment. Aged two years and fought alongside his father against Xehanort in the Battle of Light.
  • Pavel Ratovic – Kogel’s friend and oft-employer. Worked with Kogel for a full year before Kogel learned he had more name than just “Rato.” Skinny, excitable, smelling constantly of bars and bird races. Loyal to a fault in an increasingly mercenary world. Compulsive gambler.
  • Seifer Almasy – Relic from a past world and one of Kogel’s Links free from EDEN. Higher opinion of himself than he has for anyone else or anyone else has for him. Fueled by faith, not in a higher power but in his own dreams. Guarded Kogel from himself. Smug.
  • Zack Fair – Relic from a past world and one of Kogel’s Links free from EDEN. Former SOLIDER who proved his spirit would long outlast him. An inspiration to everyone who followed, from Cloud to Kogel. A hero in every sense of the word. Best music in the game.

Mist Walker’s Family And Friends

  • Braig Walker – Mist’s father. Works as a banker. Has a strained relationship with his daughter, primarily due to Mist’s intent to rebel.
  • Alice Walker – Mist’s mother. Legal assistant for Villiers & Associates. Has a somewhat strained relationship with her daughter, often ignored in the feud between Mist and her father.
  • Dona Powers – Mist’s coworker in Donnerich. Took Mist under her wing when Mist moved to Donnerich to study, introduced her to the town. Thought Kogel was swoonworthy until she met Lamec, at which point Kogel was relegated to the hobo pile. Regularly makes Mist blush, which is not easy to do.
  • Kairi – Relic from a past world and one of Mist’s Links free from EDEN. Keyblade wielder and Princess of Heart, but the rare example of one who got things done. A calming influence on all of her friends, and an avid dreamer. An immediate best friend.
  • Queen Garnet til Alexandros XVI – Relic from a past world and one of Mist’s Links free from EDEN. A queen who ruled her kingdom with kindness and compassion, learned from an adventure traveling the world. An original resident of the original Madain Sari. Enjoys catching people unaware of her title.

Madain Sari Residents

  • Zareh – formerly known as The Nameless One, he retook his name after the island was re-settled by the tonberries and given its original role as a haven for summoners. Long thought he was the only survivor of Bahamut’s attack on the island. Incredibly proud of Naoko. Tomogara is quite fond of him. Stoic, spiritual man.
  • Tonberry King Rockne – King of all tonberries. Formerly an Aeon, freed by Darien to capture Mandelbrot. Traveled the world, united the distant tonberries, and brought them to Madain Sari. Oversaw the rebuilding of Madain Sari and led an expedition to his old kingdom in Paradise. Whittles. Doesn’t wear his crown very often.
  • Stockholm Reinfeldt – Guard captain of Madain Sari. Once worked for Eidel until Eidel was exposed as Hades. Saved from execution by Champ, joined the party shortly thereafter. Well-dressed, rather stiff man. Handy with a firearm.
  • Kalmar Reinfeldt – Spunky summoner. Lived under Eidel’s care for a few years before moving to Madain Sari after Naoko rescued her. Wants to be Naoko when she grows up. Dyes her hair. Has odd Aeons.
  • Artimecion – Moogle blacksmith. Entirely too much like Romaji for anyone’s comfort. Adopted Kalil as an assistant immediately upon arrival on the island, and runs Artimecion’s Artistry, which is not a weapon store, it’s an art museum. Flies around with an apron dragging on the ground.
  • Rebekka Griffin – Co-owner of The Other Side of Life, an antique store formerly in Night’s Run. Briefly captured by the Brood of the Dark Lord, freed by Kogel and the others. Moved to Madain Sari at their request. Accomplished singer.
  • Jordan Griffin – Co-owner of The Other Side of Life. Friendly if cutthroat gambler, regularly taking tonberry money. Married to Rebekka for just past three years.
  • Rina Stinson – Employee of Soul of Science. Attempting to become an archer, though with little luck thus far. Fair hand with a welding torch.
  • Steiner Eberstark – Employee of Soul of Science. Competent with Thunder materia, but prone to giving himself mild zaps. Solid at fine detail.
  • Arich Zokunnen – Scientist who lost himself to the Phoenix for over a year in his attempt to restore his fiancee to life. Rescued by Kogel and Naoko. Now married, lives on the island and oversees research at Garden.
  • Rachel Zokunnen – Scientist who lost her life to the first AERIS Machine test. Restored to life by Kogel’s first casting of the Life materia. Now married, lives on the island and works closely with summoners.
  • Varen – Co-owner of The Holy Raven. Worked as a blacksmith in Bone Village for the Hallowed. Split from his wife when she joined the Avengers. Reunited by Kogel, they moved to Madain Sari.
  • Abigail – Co-owner of The Holy Raven. Served as a soldier for Alexander’s armies in the Avengers. Split from her husband when he remained on with the Hallowed. Reunited by Kogel, they moved to Madain Sari.
  • Daryl Gabbiani – Graduate of SeeD. The best driver in SeeD’s history, plus a fantastic mechanic. Naoko’s second-best friend within SeeD, narrowly beaten out by Kerrigan. Developed a crush on Kogel that turned into a full-blown relationship, and now lives with him on the island. Graduated from SeeD with degrees in Vehicle Development & Engineering and Finance.

Striestadt Residents

  • Governor Martine – The elected leader of the City of Industry. A strong ally of Darien’s specifically, believing that Darien is the future of the city. Planning on stepping down within the next six months. Instrumental in returning Striestadt to power.
  • Mikhail Wolfe – Would-be revolutionary caught up in the anti-Avar fervor in 112. Attempted to assassinate Avar on the Korindall line, stopped by Naoko and Kogel. Released on probation for good behavior. Sergei’s father, Annushka’s husband.
  • Annushka Wolfe – Finance worker and romance novel author. Works at Jena Steelworks. Sergei’s mother, Mikhail’s wife. Not part of either assassination attempt. The most important person in Sergei’s life.
  • Frederick Raines – Striestadt revolutionary, both in aviation and politics. Built the Highwind ships that currently are rewriting transportation in Damocles, but with technology granted from Huxley and later given to the Striestadt Separatists, who Raines worked with personally. Currently in custody.
  • Faremis Huxley – One of the founding members of Project: SLAYER, the experiments that led to Lamec Jones becoming Taijiya. A doctor who worked closely with EDEN in horrific experiments under Striestadt. Built machines for Baron Utrecht and bonded souls to them. Ejected from the Sages early on. Became a Sage again in Kogel’s Ordeal.

Luxuocidad Residents

  • Judil Arve – A forty-five year veteran of Luxuocidad politics. Longtime adviser to the Denun family. Quite close to Aidan, and now does most of the ruling of Luxuocidad in Aidan’s stead. Part of the Garamonde Board of Directors. Looks like a frail, seedy man, but is quite kind.
  • Antoine Forsk – Prominent executive of Gold Saucer Entertainment. Gave Kalil and Aidan information to shut down a slave ring in Luxuocidad. Part of the Garamonde Board of Directors. Hired the party to act as commentary.
  • Clip Larcen – Crime boss with a heart of gold, if you read his own press releases. Allegedly involved in no end of shady things, including fixing gambling, ordering hits on enemies, and potentially tied to the assassination of Alden Denun. Also a fervent enemy of the Boryokudan. Has quite the rivalry with Naoko.
  • Professor Michael Trepe – Sociology professor at Thamasa University, a longtime friend of the Denuns, and a leading expert on cults and the history thereof in Damocles. In Naoko’s Ordeal, he was also a friend of the Kyuudous.
  • Liane Roslin – Former would-be assassin, Garamonde competitor, scientific researcher, and Boryokudan member. Freed from prison by Kogel, she then used his island to advance Caelis Balthazar’s research. Left for dead underneath Striestadt by the Boryokudan, rescued by the party, then rescued from the party by Katrina Cespar and Reis Argent. Suffering from advanced materia poisoning.
  • Darryl Parham – Blitzball player and college student. Native to Ad Astra, studying at Thamasa University. Competed as one half of the Cavaliers at Garamonde 114. Lost to the One-Winged Angels. Chemistry major.
  • Ahmad Sintim – Blitzball player and college student. Native to Ad Astra, studying at Thamasa University. Sociology major.
  • Kai Blackstock – Blitzball player and college student. Native to Ad Astra, studying at Thamasa University. Competed as one half of the Cavaliers at Garamonde 114. Lost to the One-Winged Angels. Philosophy major.
  • Gale Michaelson – Luxuocidad native. Accomplished musician, specifically guitar. Rather taken with Kogel due to his poetry. Currently playing with a small symphony group in Luxuocidad.
  • Ardal Lucas – Conductor of the Korindall Line train Naoko and Kogel rode during Naoko’s Final Exam.
  • Judah Kinnison – Engineer on the Korindall Line. Friendly.
  • Adam Reso – Waiter/Cook on the Korindall Line. Trained briefly under Dart. Rather fancied Gale upon seeing her again at the Galbana Hotel.
  • Jay Copeland – Former waiter/general staff member of the Korindall Line. Part of the group that attempted to assassinate Avar. Released from jail early on good behavior. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Kendrell Lloyd – Former Donnerich Navy sailor and security detail on the Korindall Line. Part of the group that attempted to assassinate Avar. Currently serving year two of a three-year sentence.
  • Paul Shawn – Head of government security in Luxuocidad. Short, gruff, sharp-tongued and dedicated to his job. Longtime friend of the Denuns.
  • Brian Waltman – Second-in-command of the governor’s security detail. Defended Avar by himself against four attackers, including two fellow guards, until Naoko and Kogel arrived as backup. Strong interest in poetry.
  • Monty James – Former member of Avar’s security detail. Played blitzball professionally until a knee injury ended his career and sent him into security work. Betrayed the governor for pay. Two years into a ten-year sentence.
  • Sean Armstrong – Former member of Avar’s security detail. Placed fourth in Garamonde 112. Betrayed the governor for political reasons. Released on probation, and is attempting to make amends by working for fundraising groups in Luxuocidad.
  • Robin Lamora – Former entertainer at Lucky Sevens. Once Clip Larcen’s favorite entertainer, she was stolen from Luxuocidad in an elaborate scheme involving a singing performance, Landslide as the backup band, and a debonair man with a long coat and a beautiful tenor. Fell out with Riley shortly thereafter, now singing in jazz clubs.

Donnerich Residents

  • President Cidolfas Coppola – Quirky and well-liked President of Donnerich, and as such, leader of the world. Largely a figurehead for the Council. Secret bankroller of SeeD. Has a history with Jericho Black and airship design. Currently locked away by the Council.
  • Shadrach Masters – Head of the Donnerich City Council. Not really a nice guy. Attempted to accuse the party of assassinating the President, until the President made a triumphant return. Father to the One-Armed Dragon.
  • Marie Killham – Head of the Department of Energy on the Council. Had a brief relationship with Avar, one that ended when he used her as a human shield. Stayed low profile ever since. Up for re-election in Imona 114.
  • Giancarlo Valdes – Head of the Department of Transportation on the Council. Up for re-election in Imona 114.
  • Russ Haley – Head of the Department of Economics on the Council. Part of the Garamonde Board of Directors. Up for re-election in Imona 114.
  • Allison Reed – Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs on the Council.
  • Henry Contreras – Head of the Department of Civic Planning on the Council.
  • Maria Donovan – Head of the Department of Justice on the Council.
  • Duncan Arenson – Head of the Department of Labor on the Council.
  • Sylvia Delonge – Head of the Department of Education on the Council.
  • Grand Admiral Thomas Juriani — Head of the Department of Defense on the Council. More information in the New Arrivals at Garamonde 114 section.
  • Rafe Hammontree – Thamasa University graduate, majored in Religious Studies. Became the party’s lead source on the Brood of the Dark Lord after they encountered him on the Korindall Line. Quiet and solitary. A lot like Lamec.

New Arrivals At Garamonde 114

  • Alexis D. Scanlon – One of the contestants in Summoning. Part of an Ad Astra-based AV team. Called the Alt-F1 Icon and the Girl Racer. Lost to Kaze in Summoning and Admiral Juriani in No Limits.
  • Botch – A mysterious cloaked figure that appeared in the No Limits Tournament. Lost to Ian Shinoda via ring-out, electing to leave the ring after scanning the crowd.
  • Bradley J. Caravella – Part of an Ad Astra-based AV team responsible for shooting Garamonde. Largest arms in Spellcraft history. Lost to Aidan in Spellcraft, and went 1-1 in No Limits, defeating Miranda but losing to Darien. Has a sister, Rosa, who was saved from the Boryokudan by Essai. One half of the Giant Bombers.
  • Byron Dragonson – The self-proclaimed Best Damn Dragoon In The World. Lost in the first round of No Limits to Champ, putting that claim in doubt. Long, scraggly beard and a reckless fighting style.
  • Dante Zaldivar – Redhead gunblade wielder hailing from Enkidu, which probably doesn’t mean she hails from Gilgamesh’s dog. Lost a tough match to Aidan in the first round of No Limits.
  • Elise Kantor – Introduced as the second summoner from Striestadt. Wears her hair identically to Darien’s old style. Tagged with Adray as The Apotheosis. Summoned Tadakatsu as her Aeon.
  • Grand Admiral Thomas Juriani – One of the Donnerich Council members. Spoken of highly by Boss Justice, but by Garamonde bad blood arose between them. Personally assisted by Kathryn Benedict, Katari Front in disguise. Apologized to Lamec for the Navy’s role in the massacre on Kogel’s island.
  • Icarus – Masked summoner who lost the triple threat opener in Summoning but advanced in No Limits until losing to Darien. Summoned a shadowy Aeon called Interfector. Actually Glenn Sever from Kogel’s Ordeal.
  • Jerun Beoulve – Man of noble birth who fought and lost to Kalil in the first round of No Limits. Seemed to have some level of history with Kalil, which is something that has never happened before.
  • Josai Acosta – The second new competitor in Garamonde history to have a high opinion of Alexander, which is cause for concern. Considers himself a Mage Knight of Alexander. Lost to Darien.
  • Kittrick Goldstein – Axe-wielding warrior-plaited wild fighter from the Great White North. Fought and lost to the Voidwalkers in Tag Team.
  • Leonidas Stoutmantle – Mustachioed man with incredible vocal projection and presence. Competed in No Limits and lost to Kerrigan. Called himself a Paladin.
  • Patrick R. Taswell – Second-most profane fighter in Garamonde, behind Naoko. Defeated soundly by Champ in Melee and Christian in No Limits.
  • Roman Lucavi – Well-dressed egotistical summoner who only competed in Summoning. Lost the triple threat match despite not being injured. Used a strange version of Asura as his Aeon. Called himself the True Summoner.
  • Sydney Remo – Heavily tattooed and pierced summoner, following in the vein of Naoko. Almost as cheerful as Kalmar. Lost both of her matches, one to Naoko and one to Lamec.
  • The Black Knight – Apparently a stuntman for an upcoming television show. Lost in hilarious fashion to Kalil in Swordplay and Naoko in No Limits (while Kalil attempted to coach him from the sidelines).
  • The Black Lotus – Definitely more of a rapper than a fighter. Tagged with Shinoda as Persona Non Grata, and lost handily to Mileenese.


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