Summoner: Naoko Kyuudou
Previous World: Spira


Kimahri is a seven-foot-tall bipedal blue lion. He makes an impression. The last surviving member of the Ronso tribe, he has a broken horn on his forehead. All Ronso sport these unicorn-like horns; the fact that Kimahri’s was broken in his youth was for a long time a source of shame for him. His hair is white and thick, and worn in a several braids and ponytails. He has small, tufted, non-functioning wings, and typically wears a tribal-style loincloth/belt combination. A halberd is ever-present on his back.

Despite his halting manner of speech, Kimahri possesses human-level intelligence. Taciturn by nature but very protective, he was the ideal Guardian for Yuna when she made her pilgrimage on their home world of Spira. As the second Aeon Naoko gained (and the first she freed from a crystal), he has put these skills to a new use, answering her call and always ready to protect.

Fighting Style

Kimahri is something of a jack-of-all-trades in combat, possessing a few each of physical offensive abilities, elemental offense, buff spells, defense, and is the sole user of Blue Magic (the ability to learn an enemy’s ability) known to the party. His most powerful abilities are Mighty Guard, an Encounter ability that casts Shell, Protect, and NulAll on himself, Naoko, and one other party member, and his Overdrive, Ronso Rage. Using this ability, Kimahri automatically lands a critical hit on an enemy, and the opponent continues to take 10% of this damage with each successive attack.


Spira, the world before Damocles, was Kimahri’s home, and he was friends with Yuna, Auron, and Tidus. He served as one of Yuna’s Guardians, ritual companions to a summoner making the pilgrimage to defeat Sin and bring about the next cycle of Calm. When Spira was lost to EDEN’s machinations, Kimahri remained as an Aeon, imprisoned in a crystal until Naoko freed him.

It was later revealed that Kimahri gave up his role as Yuna’s Guardian in order to become an Aeon. He trusted Yuna to remain safe during the calamity; Yuna’s eventual fate as the Avatar of Angra Mainyu brought him great shame. As part of Naoko’s quest to help all her Aeons recover what they had given up, he led her to the statues of himself and Yuna at the top of Mt. Gagazet, now restored in Paradise. Kimahri had visions of the of both statues broken off; he wanted to repair them to atone for his mistake. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, he found the statues damaged, and the horn of Yuna’s statue broken off and lying at the statue’s feet. However, the horn of his own statue was fully intact, a symbol that his shame had long since been forgiven.


Kimahri is the only Aeon who can ferry passengers between Damocles and Paradise. In places where “the veil is thin”, he can open a portal that anyone nearby can pass through. These places usually mark a location where an Aeon died; the best known of these is Madain Sari. Prior to the opening of the Gates, Kimahri’s help to travel between the realms was invaluable, especially after Naoko was made Queen and needed to visit Paradise more often. This need has bee mitigated by the Gates, though Kimahri still helps when immediate travel to Paradise is needed when the party are not near Madain Sari.


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