Attack Rolls

There comes a time where you will need to clobber your enemies to keep them from clobbering you. Attacking is the primary way of doing that. There are three types of attacks; Melee, Ranged, and Magical. They all follow the same rules of attacking.

Roll a d20 and add your Attack Bonus. If your roll equals or exceeds the target’s Defense, you hit!

Your Attack Bonus is: 1/2 Level + Class Bonus + Feats/Abilities + Weapon Bonus + Temporary Bonus

1/2 Level = 10. WIth the switch to the Link Board, this number is now static.

Class Bonus = This is a character-specific bonus that is on your sheet. Any LP bonuses are applied here.

Feats/Abilities = Anything that boosts an attack roll, like Weapon Focus. Once you have these, they do not change.

Weapon Bonus = The to-hit bonus applied by the type of weapon you are using.

Temporary Bonus = any temporary bonuses granted by short-duration spells/abilities/what-have-you.

After The Roll

Did you miss your attack? Sucks for you. Try again next round!

Did you hit? Then congratulations, you probably get to do damage! If your ability includes a damage roll, roll it and add your damage. Every weapon class has its own base damage, and your Encounter-and-up abilities do damage plus the base damage. All this is documented on the sheets, but it’s here for ease of review.

Did you roll a 20? Then here’s some legitimate congratulations, as you’ve scored a critical hit! Critical hits work a little differently in Omega than they do in D&D or Pathfinder. Critical hits deal additional Weapon damage, so if you get a critical hit on an attack that deals 2d8+Weapon damage, that attack now deals 2d8+(2xWeapon damage)! If you are wielding a weapon that is flagged as “x3” on critical hits, then you deal 3xWeapon damage on a crit instead of 2×.

Rolling a 20 also counts as a guaranteed hit. If you are wielding a weapon that allows you to critically hit on a roll of 19 or lower, you still must hit that opponent to critically hit — only a 20 is an automatic, guaranteed hit.

If you roll a 20 with an Encounter or Daily ability, you can also roll an Attribute check using your highest Attribute modifier against a difficulty of 15. If your roll equals or exceeds 15, the ability is not expended and you can use it again. Only critical hits from a natural 20 can potentially retain abilities.


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