Summoner's Soul

A necklace charm containing the soul of a long-deceased summoner.


The Summoner’s Soul marks the wearer as a native of Damocles, and allows the wearer to return to Damocles from any other plane at will. The wearer will appear in whatever is defined as “home” on Damocles when this is used. This can only be used one-way — using the necklace charm while already in Damocles has no effect.

Home is defined as the following:

Kalil – the beaches of Mileen
Darien – his childhood home in Striestadt
Aidan – the beaches of Madain Sari
Kogel – Kogel’s as-yet-unnamed island.
Champ – his childhood home in Donnerich
Naoko – her aunt & uncle’s house in Ad Astra.


The history of this necklace charm is unknown, but it spent many years in the possession of the Brood of the Dark Lord, and Lord Hades used it, alongside the Aeon’s Soul and his own Destroyer-granted powers, to travel between Paradise and Damocles at will. Hades lost the necklace during one of the Horizon battles when Naoko ripped it off of him to prevent him from escaping. Naoko has worn the charms ever since.

Summoner's Soul

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