Guardian's Soul

A necklace charm containing the soul of a long-deceased guardian.


The Guardian’s Soul marks the wearer as a native of the Afterlife, and allows the wearer to return to the Afterlife from any other plane at will. The wearer will appear in whatever is defined as “home” in the Afterlife when this is used. This can only be used one-way — using the necklace charm while already in the Afterlife has no effect.

Home is defined as the following:

Kalil, Darien, Naoko, Champ, Kogel – the entrance of the Tower of Souls.
Aidan – a small, unassuming house deep inside the Afterlife, where the souls of his parents dwell.


The history of this necklace is unknown, but at some point in the recent past it was discovered by a band of explorers and sold to Gold Saucer Entertainment, where it was given as a prize to the second-place team in the Garamonde Tag Team Division. Order & Chaos, the team consisting of Darien and Kalil. The necklace was traded to Naoko for her Garamonde Spellcraft prize, the Heavenly Axis, and Naoko has worn it ever since, the necklace taking on extra meaning to her due to its similarity of Champ’s title, The Last Guardian.

Guardian's Soul

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