Aidan Denun

Redemption's Blade


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 160 lb.
Age: 20
Born: Late Spring, 94 AE
Home: Luxuocidad
Weapon: Twin Swords
Theme: Ieyasu Tokugawa’s Theme, Rei Kondoh (Sengoku Basara 3).
Class: Skirmishing Swordsman

Aidan Denun strikes a dashing and dramatic figure, which no one ruins faster than Aidan himself. He has straight silver hair that hangs down past his shoulder blades, bright blue eyes, and a contagious smile. Aidan can charitably be called thin, though he is in remarkable shape due to his constant exercise and urban free-running.

Aidan wears a red and yellow vest over no shirt, long black pants, and black athletic shoes with a yellow stripe just above the soles. He keeps the vest buttoned when out in public, though only sometimes. His arms are covered in black athletic tape from the elbow to the palm of his hand, and he wears two silver belts around his waist, each holding three swords. A silver ring hangs from a chain around his neck. Aidan also carries a gray canvas bag slung over his body, which contains a few potions, backup materia, and a Cole Cloak (modified into a gray sleeveless hoodie) for when he needs to be stealthy.

Aidan is optimistic to the breaking point, and he usually manages to evade the breaking point. He is incapable of treating serious situations with full dignity and restraint, which does not serve him very well with older voters. Aidan is also fiercely loyal to his friends and works to cut down on inter-party clashes as much as he can, sometimes crossing over into being annoyingly clingy. His wit and charm are both his top strength and largest weakness, as his ability to keep his friends in high spirits has blinded them to his own struggles in the past.


Early Life

Born to a prominent politician and a well-respected reporter in late spring of 94 AE, Aidan Denun grew up in the lap of luxury, but in the wake of tragedy. Aidan’s mother died in childbirth, leaving her only son without a mother, and his father without a wife. Aidan’s father, Alden Denun, left his position at the newspaper and instead moved into politics, following in his late wife’s footsteps, and rose through the ranks quickly, becoming Governor at a young age, and never remarrying.

Aidan graduated from North Elwood High School in 112 AE in the top 100 of his class, closer to the bottom than the top. Clashing with his father over the perceived lack of interest in being a mature young adult in a political family, Aidan left Luxuocidad and joined GAMMA after being aggressively recruited by Trent Achilles, despite the fact that GAMMA was technically a terrorist organization. Aidan met Kalil Kiran and Darien Reinholder and quickly struck up a fast friendship with them, forging a bond that would prove crucial to his future.


During a battle in the ancient ruins behind the GAMMA base against a hydra, Kalil lost control of his Irasasi Limit Break and killed Aidan. The nature of Aidan’s death transported him to the Sea of Chaos inside the Far Realm, and Kalil committed suicide to travel there after him and fight for his life. Kalil convinced Kheda to allow Aidan to return to life with the power of Chaos giving him his strength, and Aidan was able to continue on with his friends, though a rift remained between he and Kalil for some time as a result of this action.

In Early Summer 112 AE, Alden Denun was assassinated by unknown forces in a terrible fire at the governor’s mansion. Aidan was in Luxuocidad at the time, but was unable to save his father from the fire. SeeD briefly took Aidan into custody, though Canute said privately that it was to protect him against anyone seeking to kill the Denuns.

A later encounter between the Apotheosis group and Caelis Balthazar, where Caelis used the powers granted to him by EDEN to attempt to take the party over, proved to be Aidan’s downfall, as the presence of Chaos separated him from Kalil and Darien both, and trapped him with Caelis when the Links from EDEN spirited Kalil and Darien to safety. Aidan went missing for the better part of two months, leaving his friends to carry on without him.

The Faction

Aidan became the thirteenth member of The Faction, a group of those created from EDEN or drafted into EDEN’s service. He served Caelis and EDEN both, traveling Damocles with Fayre and harassing Kalil and Darien while Caelis continued his plans to remake the world in his own image.

During the second battle, where Aidan fought alongside Fayre and Anima against the heroes, Darien summoned Logos, his personal Aeon, and the resulting clash between Anima and Logos blasted all the combatants out of the battle. When Aidan collected himself, the hold EDEN had over him was gone, and Fayre had lost control of Ifrit just outside of Striestadt. Aidan desperately sought Kalil and Darien in Ad Astra and directed them to Striestadt. He joined them in battle against, in sequence, Ifrit, Mandelbrot, Fayre, and Anima. Once Anima was vanquished and Aidan proved he was back to normal, Kalil and Darien welcomed him back into the group.

Aidan’s Return, And Subsequent World Travels

While Aidan was in Ad Astra waiting for Kalil and Darien, he had the briefest of encounters with Kogel and Naoko Kyuudou. He ran into them again in what he would term “the world’s worst ambush” in Donnerich, and brokered a meeting between their party and his own in a neutral location, as neither group had reason to trust the other. The meeting did not go very well at all, which brought out the first time Aidan got angry with his friends, demonstrating his need for a group to whom to belong in the wake of his parents’ death.

Aidan traveled with Kalil and Darien to the Northern Continent, and upon returning, promised never to go again. He would return to the northern continent with Kalil four months later, though he made quite a show about protesting a decision he willingly made.

In Garamonde 113 AE, Aidan failed to defend his Swordplay title, losing to Kalil in the final round. Aidan made it to the final eight in No Limits, losing to Kalil again in the Match of the Night, and came up fourth in the Tag Team division with Mist Walker and the Harbor City Heartbreakers with a close loss to the Brothers Of The Gun.

Garamonde brought further news from Kogel, as he exposed acting governor Michael Avar as a criminal and a thief in a tremendous display of grandstanding on the central stage of Garamonde, on a live broadcast carried out throughout Damocles. Aidan stepped in quickly as interim governor, carrying on his father’s work out of obligation to his city and his heritage.


After Garamonde, Aidan and Mist Walker made their burgeoning relationship official, though Aidan still kept that news fairly quiet out of respect for Mist’s privacy in the wake of Aidan’s new political station.

Aidan’s absence of a link free of EDEN, due to Chaos’s influence over him after his death and subsequent revival, led Aidan to a period of depression and fear over the thought of returning to the Faction against his will. Following Auron’s advice, and with Kogel and Naoko in tow, Aidan traveled into the Afterlife and battled against EDEN’s forces attempting to conquer him from the inside, battling alongside the two relics from the past worlds that would become his two links — Roxas and Vivi.

While on a trip to Korindall, Aidan was accused of the attempted murder of Flynn Ruat, and was held in the governor’s mansion until his name was cleared when the culprit turned out to be the boy’s uncle and doctor. Boryokudan involvement was also confirmed, the first time a party member had been specifically targeted by a member of the crime syndicate.

Aidan, along with the rest of the party, went missing in 4/14, trapped in his own pocket world due to Hades and Eden. Details of Aidan’s pocket world have not been shared with anyone, though his appearance in the final battle against Hades pointed to his world culminating in a Damocletian Civil War some 10-20 years in the future.

Fighting Style

Aidan is an agile swordsman, using his speed and grace to make up for his small frame and lack of resilience. His fighting style incorporates specific Forms that grant him bonuses while restricting him in other ways.

Valor Form – Aidan’s standard and signature fighting style focuses on pure physical melee power, with Aidan wielding two swords and using a wide variety of sword skills and movement-enhancing abilities.
Wisdom Form – Aidan trades out his second sword and any melee capability whatsoever for enhanced spellcasting, though his emphasis on movement remains. Aidan is a reckless caster, rarely taking his own safety into consideration.
Master Form – With a blade in the main hand and a pistol in the offhand, Aidan moves into battlefield control, mixing melee and range with superb skill and overly-elaborate techniques. Unable to cast any kind of magic in Master Form, Aidan still presents a challenge to anyone attempting to take him, or any of his allies, down.

Aidan’s Limit Break changes from form to form, but it still has the same general effect – lots of damage to the entire battlefield.

Aidan’s Omega Limit Break taps into his connection with the Afterlife, as he is able to manifest the souls of the party’s dearly departed allies to turn the tide of the battle. Aidan’s Omega Limit has only been used once, in the final battle against Hades to break out of the pocket world, and the allies manifested were shades of his party members. (Aidan hasn’t elaborated on this at all as of yet.)

Aidan is also the wielder of the Ultima spell, as the orb itself is a family heirloom. He’s almost gotten good at using it, too.


  • Pretty decent guitarist. In Kogel’s Ordeal, became a renowned and talented cellist.
  • As of 9/114, has not cut his hair since joining GAMMA.
  • Has a well-earned fear of the undead, which is why he’s never retired Wraithslayer despite it being surpassed by other blades he could carry.
  • Has decided that winning Spellcraft 114 makes him the “Archmage.”
  • Has a tattoo of crossed swords tied by a green ribbon on his arm.
  • Owned a motorcycle, Furious Angel, for the better part of a year. Auctioned it off at a charity event.
  • Regularly visits his parents at a graveyard in Luxuocidad.

Aidan Denun

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