As of Session 321, it is Mid Autumn, Month 8 of 114 AE.

1000 years ago (approx) – Odin closes the Gates of Paradise. Kouhei/Tetsu War

0 AE – Erfort/Energia War. Ends with the founding of Donnerich as the bridge between the cities.

89 AE: Karl Sever is born.
93 AE: Lamec Jones is born.
93 AE: Aidan Denun is born.
94 AR: Champ Justice is born.
95 AE: Naoko Kyuudou is born.
95 AE: Discovery that Karl and Lamec have odd abilities – Karl can shatter materia, and Lamec has precognitive dreams. At the same time, people on the island start having odd memory issues related to materia, those who work the closest with it are affected the most.

A few months later: the Sages make their experiment with the Fourth Vein that exposes Caelis somehow to EDEN and starts him on his path of darkness.

96 AE: Darien Reinholder is born.
99 AE: Through the manipulation of Coren Jones, the Donnerich Navy stages a raid on the island that turns into a full-blown massacre, leaving no survivors of the island except for Karl, Lamec, and Corren. Lamec is taken into custody and raised in the SLAYER program, Karl begins to learn how to be a bounty hunter.

100 AE: Naoko’s parents die in a car accident.

100 AE: Bahamut and an unknown silver dragon fight on Damocles, causing mass destruction. Romaji, along with the GAMMA team, is instrumental in saving the day and sealing both dragons into the Far Realm, but summoners are seen as something dangerous from this day on. Achilles and Miranda are branded as outlaws, and Canute forms SeeD.

104 AE: Karl takes his first contract as a bounty hunter at the age of fifteen, tracking down an escaped felon in Night’s Run.

105 AE: Karl Sever, using the alias “Mister Gewehr”, takes a contract from Night’s Run to assist in dealing with a separatist movement. Spends a few months in a separatist prison camp, is rescued by SeeD intervention when the separatists are put down.

105 AE: Karl Sever takes a year-long bodyguarding contract for Baron Utrecht, during which he participates in the oppression of a village of miners, earning the epithet “Praga”, and slowly becoming disillusioned with his path in life.

107 AE: Karl turns on Utrecht, siding with the miners in their ill-fated revolt. Escorts a few dozen villagers to safety, then collapses near the mountaintop monastery and is nursed back to health by the monks.

Six months later: Karl leaves the monastery, and takes the name “Kogel”.

108 AE: Kogel takes on the Korindall Job, tracking down an AWOL SeeD cadet and encountering SeeD agent Katari Front as well as Rato, who would become his new contact in the world of bounty hunting.

112 AE: Kogel accepts an unofficial contract from Canute as an independent observer for the SeeD graduation exam of one Naoko Kyuudou, which turns into foiling an assassination attempt on Governor Avar. After which point, Kogel continues an exclusive “unofficially affiliated” relationship with SeeD.

113 AE: Kogel, along with Champ Justice and Naoko Kyuudou, are tried and acquitted of crimes to overthrow the government of Donnerich, thanks to the testimony of President Cid. Kogel becomes somewhat of a public figure after the incident referred to as “Operation: Knock It Down”.

9/13: Kogel places highly in the annual Tournament of Garamonde, publicly calling out Governor Avar resulting in the Governor’s abdication and arrest. Kogel is now a minor celebrity after finishing first in Sharpshooting and the cross-city race, as well as third-place in Tag Team and No Limits.

1/14: SeeD Commander Canute killed by Mandelbrot.

2/14: Champ Justice officially installed as Commander of SeeD. Karl Sever named as Arbiter.

4/14: Caelis, Champ, Darien, Kogel, Aidan, Naoko, and Kalil vanish.

5/14: Kalil is recovered from the Lifestream.

6/14: The others return. Hades is killed, and a younger Caelis Balthazar emerges.

7/14 – Victor, Schutter, and Sari are reunited. Omega Weapon is defeated. The party forms a plan to return Tiamat to Thalatte with Bismarck’s help. Mist Walker requests the Ultima materia in order to draw out the Boryokudan leader. EDEN has entered into a state of civil war in Caelis’s absence. Kogel creates the fake Ultima materia with help from Sari and Darien.

8/14 Present Day.

1 – Early Spring
2 – Mid Spring
3 – Late Spring
4 – Early Summer
5 – Mid Summer
6 – Late Summer
7 – Early Autumn
8 – Mid Autumn
9 – Late Autumn
10 – Early Winter
11 – Mid Winter
12 – Late Winter

1 – Noris – the moon traverses the constellation of Antheria, “The Flowers”. One of the only constellations where multi-colored stars are visible, it signifies the end of winter and the start of a new year.
2 – Tamesa – the moon is in Varkaris, “The Ferryman”. Traditionally, Old World sailors considered it lucky to begin a voyage under the sign of the Ferryman, for it promised calm winds.
3 – Tateli – the moon hangs high in the sky in the constellation of Kynigos, “The Hunter”. Tateli is one of the only months to feature two full moons in most years.
4 – Archeso – the moon journeys through Vounos, “The Mountain”. When the moon sits at the apex of the constellation, old wives’ tales say that its phase will dictate the type of weather that summer will bring.
5 – Mesito – in midsummer, the moon is said to be “in the house of Ati”, “The War Horse”. Tradition holds that bargains and pacts should never be made in the summer heat, for that is when emotions run high.
6 – Arga – as summer ends, the moon “climbs the Ladder” in the constellation of Skala. During this month, the moon does not drop below the horizon and can be seen even at noon.
7 – Hestou – the moon is in the constellation of Spora, “the Sower”. The early fall is commonly seen to be “the lovers’ month” because it represents planning for the future, as opposed to the impetuousness of spring.
8 – Thino – as the weather starts to grow cool, the moon is in the constellation of Katarrak, “the Waterfall”. Often the worst storms come in this month, and bear ill omens for those at sea.
9 – Porou – after the storm seasons, the moon “sits in the Barrel” in the constellation of Vareli. At this time of year, many are stockpiling grain and supplies for the winter.
10 – Stouchei – when winter descends, the moon hangs in a strangely empty space in Damocles’ night sky, devoid of stars. Most call it “the Black”, those familiar with the Old World stories call it Kenos, “The Void”.
11 – Imona – the constellation of Spathia, “The Swords” holds the moon in its cold light in the harshest months of winter. Many refer to an especially cold winter as “sharper than the last”.
12 – Telos – the end of the year finds the moon in Lykos, “The Wolf”. Old World legends talk about “the wolf that eats the years”, and a prosperous year can be said to have “fed the wolf well”.


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