Link Points


What are Link Points?

Link Points replace Experience Points in the post-No Light No Light world of Final Fantasy Omega. Link Points are gained after each session based on a highly scientific method that is a proprietary GM secret. LP rewards typically range from 2-5, depending on the importance of the session.

Are there any other ways to get LP?

Yes! Completing a Project grants bonus LP. The amount is dependent on the size and length of the Project.

The GM has also given out LP for helping him with out-of-game projects.

Historically, the GM has said that tubs of cashews are completely acceptable bribes.

How do I spend LP?

By looking at the Link Board!

The Link Board is an oft-updated image file available on Google Drive. It is maintained by Nute. The Link Board is up with six starting locations, one for each primary PC. Each PC is connected to a number of Nodes by clearly delineated pathways. Each Node is a character existing in the world of Omega.

Each Node has five levels. The first four levels are stat boosts, ranging from Melee Attack to Personal Skills. The fifth level is an Ability inspired by that character. Fully unlocking a Node requires 5 LP, one for each level.

How do I advance to other Nodes?

Spending 1 LP in a node unlocks all nodes connected to that node.

Do I have to spend all 5 LP in any nodes?

Some Nodes have a number attached to them.

Vivi, Victor, Sari, Schutter, Aerith, Arich: 3
Tifa, Axel, Trias, Fayre, Arcell, Narkend: 5
Hades, Anima: 10
Caelis: 15

To spend any points in these numbered Nodes, the PC must have a number of fully unlocked Nodes greater than or equal to that number. (So for Aidan to spend any points in Vivi and be able to advance past that Node, Aidan must have spent the full 5 LP in three other Nodes.) These Nodes can be unlocked anywhere on the Link Board.

Where do I mark the stat increases on my character sheet?

That’s an excellent question!

Attributes (Str, Dex, etc): on the Attributes tab of your character sheet.
Attacks/Defenses: The Class Bonus spot on the Attacks/Defenses tabs of your character sheets.
HP: Your HP total on the first page of your character sheet.
Skills: The Ranks column on the Skillz tab of your character sheet.
Abilities: The Abilities tab of your character sheet, in the appropriate section (Passive, At Will, Encounter, Daily).

Putting these updates in the correct spot should auto-populate the rest of your sheet. Thank Nathan for this space-age modification character sheet technology!

What is Personal +1?

That is boosting your Personal skill. Every character has one.

Aidan Denun: Music
Champ Justice: Blitzball
Darien Reinholder: Craft
Kalil Kiran: Memory
Kogel: Religion
Mist Walker: Dance
Naoko Kyuudou: Photography

How do I get Feats?

Every 25 LP you spend unlocks another Feat slot. Feats are chosen from the Omega Feat List. Be sure you meet the pre-requisites for any feats you select!

How do I keep track of the LP that I spend?

You each have your own Link Board document, helpfully labeled with your own name. Highlight any Nodes and stats you unlock on that document. There is also a “Link Board Buys” tab on your character sheet. Copy/paste your selections onto that tab (the GM has found it helps to paste into Notepad first so it can be edited into a straight paste in one column) and mark each one with the character you got the stat from, just for ease of tracking later on. See the GMPC sheets if you would like to see how the GM prefers this be kept up!

Sharing your LP expenditures in the Omega Discussion Thread also lets Nute keep the Link Board updated between milestones, so a new sheet can be sent out.

Do all PCs have the same rules for acquiring LPs?

Nope! Mist Walker is different. Mist gains LP by the players giving the GM LPs for putting on good sessions. The GM is constantly praising his players, so this is his nakedly transparent attempt to get praise. It also means that the players have more control over Mist’s character growth.

Here are the Link Point totals as of Session 363.

Aidan: 100
Champ: 97
Darien: 95
Kalil: 116
Kogel: 114
Mist: 81
Naoko: 113

319: Naoko 3.
320: Kogel 3.
321: Kogel, Naoko, and Kalil 3.
322: Kogel 4, Kalil 3.
323: Kogel 2, Kalil 2, Naoko 2.
324: Kogel 2, Kalil 2, Naoko 1, Mist 1.
325: Naoko 3.
326: Naoko 2, Kalil 2.
327: Kogel 3.
328: Kalil 3, Naoko 3, Kogel 1.
329. Naoko 2.
330. Kogel 3, Mist 3.
331. Kalil 3.
332. Naoko 2, Kogel 2.
Garamonde. Kalil 47, Darien 40, Aidan 42, Naoko 42, Kogel 44, Champ 38, Mist 53 (+24 base).
357. Naoko 2.
358. Kalil 2.
359: Kogel 2.
360: Kalil 3, Naoko 3, Kogel 3, Mist 1.
361: Naoko 4, Kalil 3, Kogel 3, Mist 3.
363: Kogel 4, Kalil 3, Naoko 3.

Link Points

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