Decay materia

A unique green materia, created by the Sorceress, Sari. Acquired by the party from AJ in Kouhei Castle.

All three abilities are Daily abilities.

Encounter: Rasp – vs. Fortitude. Steal an Encounter ability and regenerate one of your own.
Daily: Wither – vs. Fortitude. Target loses 20 HP, -2 on all rolls, and 1 Daily ability per turn. Inflicts Curse. Lasts for four turns. Cured by Esuna and Remedy only.
Daily: Disintegrate – vs. Fortitude. Nonorganic material is disintegrated. Living opponents take 75+Wpn damage and suffer -10 to all rolls until they have healed that damage to full.


Sheathed: All allies’ equipment is immune to any kind of damage, including Disarm and Sunder.
Drawn: On a natural 20 (not just a crit), Kalil’s sword slices clean through an enemy’s body, dealing 4x normal damage and removing a body part.

Decay materia

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