Kalil's first Ultimate Weapon, a world-breaking greatsword.

weapon (melee)

Type: Two-Handed Sword
Class: Large
Base Damage: 16
Materia Slots: none

Encounter: Elemental. The Ragnarok can toggle to pure elemental damage. The type of elemental damage cannot be changed for the encounter once it has been selected. Switching between elemental and non-elemental damage is a minor action. While in Elemental mode, the Ragnarok deals an additional 5 damage per strike.

Daily: Liferender. Can be activated alongside any At-Will or Encounter ability that hits. That ability deals maximum damage and counts as a Critical Hit for any critical-boosting abilities. Kalil suffers -5 to his next attack roll due to the strain the sword puts him under.

Overdrive: The End. Upon critically hitting, the Ragnarok begins dealing an additional +3 damage on every hit, cumulative. Once the Ragnarok reaches +30 (10 hits), the Ragnarok unleashes its true power, the power to break worlds.


The Ragnarok is a massive greatsword, large enough where as much as its damage comes from its bulk as a bludgeoning weapon as its sharpness as a slashing weapon. The copper-colored sword has two blades, separated at the top by a small globe that always gives the impression that it is rotating. Since its first breakage, the globe has been cracked, signaling that some of the energy held within the Ragnarok has escaped.

The Ragnarok is one of the world’s legendary weapons, but the myths that mention the Ragnarok are not very specific, hinting only at some great calamity focused around the sword; though the Old World’s linguistic subtleties make it difficult for scholars to know if the sword was responsible or merely present (or, perhaps, in opposition).

The sword was found by Luxuocidad scholars and researchers — the type that are more concerned about profits than knowledge — and presented as a prize to the greatest swordsman in the world, to the winner of the 114 Garamonde Tournament of Champions, Swordplay Division. That swordsman was Kalil Kiran, and he has been the wielder ever since.

A copy of the Ragnarok has been seen in the possession of Caelis Balthazar, but the significance of the copy is unknown at this time.

The Ragnarok’s The End has been activated twice since it has been in Kalil’s possession, and both in times of great need. The first time was in the party’s battle against Naoko and Caelis deep within EDEN, and the lack of world-shattering could be put to the battle taking place within EDEN or perhaps the sword’s own intelligence. The second time was in the final battle against Xehanort, when Kalil took the Ragnarok in hand and willingly shattered the false worlds imprisoning his friends.

It is unknown what would happen if The End were to be used in a normal battle in Damocles, but thus far such an event has not taken place.


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