Mist Walker

Hope's Arrow


Height: 5’5"
Weight: 125 lb.
Age: 20
Born: Late Autumn, 94 AE
Home: Luxuocidad (pre-Boryokudan), Murond (Boryokudan)
Weapon: Staff, Spells
Theme: “J’en ai marre!” by Alizée
Class: Summoner
Affiliation: Omega (party member), Boryokudan (former member/sister)

The first thing anyone notices about Mist Walker is her smile. Mist smiles widely and laughs almost as often, and it’s nearly impossible not to smile along when she turns it on someone else. Mist has wavy brown hair worn in any number of styles, deep blue eyes, fair skin, an attractive body by almost any standards (and one that has been reported on by Luxuocidad tabloids), and enough awareness about her to put all this to use without overdoing it.

Mist’s attire changes rapidly, but it’s almost always bright and colorful. Despite hailing from Luxuocidad, she does not often wear the official colors of red and yellow. Her favorite color is green, and every day she wears something with at least a bit of green in it.

Mist’s fighting style is simple and unrefined, and incorporates her dancing. She moves very fluidly with her staff, rarely coming to hard stops, but her prowess in melee combat leaves much to be desired, and her ability as a spellcaster is mediocre at best. Mist is also a summoner, but only has two Aeons she regularly uses, Golbez and Fenrir, and both rely on trickery and subterfuge versus brute strength — much like their summoner.

As of Garamonde 114, Mist has unveiled a new fighting style, this one built around archery and dance, using her command of her body and her growing prowess as an archer to utterly confound her foes. She gave Kogel the fight of his life on two separate occasions, and shocked the world time and time again with upset wins over Christian McCann, Champ Justice, Rinoa Heartily, and Trish Ebihara.

Mist is cheerful, optimistic, sarcastic, and flirtatious. She’s also a steadfast friend and remarkably adept at reading people. This talent is likely why she is not only alive in the Boryokudan, but thriving.


Born in late autumn of 94 AE to Braig and Alice Walker, Mist grew up as an upper middle class child in one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Luxuocidad. Mist graduated from Elwood North High School in 112 AE 10th in her graduating class of 380 and turned that into a scholarship to Thamasa University, the leading liberal arts college in all of Damocles, conveniently located close to home. Mist transferred to the Donnerich branch in late winter 113 AE to begin her work study at the Thamasion Museum of History, which is owned and operated by Thamasa.

In the ninth month of 113 AE, Mist entered the Garamonde Tournament of Champions. She entered the Summoning division as the 8th seed, but lost in the first round to Darien Reinholder. She fared better in her team with Aidan Denun as the Harbor City Heartbreakers in the Tag Team division, starting as the sixth seed and finishing fourth in the tournament, narrowly upsetting the team of Parental Consent but losing in the third-place match to the Brothers of the Gun. Mist started No Limits in the West bracket at the 13th seed, but lost her first-round match to Trent Achilles.

Shortly before Garamonde began, Mist and Aidan began dating. The two grew up together and flirted often, but the Garamonde period was the first time they became a couple. “Officially” Mist broke up with Aidan before joining the Boryokudan as part of her cover story, but there has been no actual change in their relationship status.

In 3/14, Mist left her job at the museum for an extended vacation and put her education on hold for a secret infiltration mission, working with Kalil Kiran and Gabriel to become a spy inside the Boryokudan. Since joining, Mist has moved to Murond with the rest of her local branch of the Boryokudan, and has served as the Boryokudan’s liaison with the Omega party during the era logged by Mognet as the Light In The Darkness.

In 9/14, Mist entered the Garamonde Tournament of Champions in Summoning, Sharpshooting, Tag, and No Limits. Mist only placed in Sharpshooting, losing to Kogel in the semi-finals but defeating Boss Justice in the third place match. Mist came up short in the other tournaments against Nara Magna (Summoning), the One-Winged Angels (Tag, with AM Punk as the Best In The World), and Kalil Kiran (No Limits).

At the conclusion of the Tag Team Tournament, on Porou 6 114, Mist Walker left the Boryokudan and joined the Omega party. She said her final good-byes to the Boryokudan and returned to the hotel with the party.

On 9/8/114, Mist Walker and Aidan Denun began dating again.


  • Got her nose pierced with Naoko.
  • Has a tattoo of a dolphin arched over a materia orb on her left ankle.
  • Has a birthmark in a sunburst pattern on her lower back.
  • Serial short-term dater in high school.
  • Plans on getting her degree in Journalism.
  • Garamonde 114 Tag Dance Co-Champion with Aidan Denun, performing Say The Word.
  • Thinks very few songs are not improved with the addition of a dance beat.
  • Likes Kalil most of all.
  • Would like to hang Demyx on her wall.

Link Board Bonuses

Dexterity +1
Bluff +1
Drive +1
Sleight of Hand +1
Wiles (D): +5 to any checks for the encounter to try and charm/slip past/seduce a person of compatible sexual interest, -5 to all rolls after if they end up getting the cold shoulder.

Mist Walker

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