Kalil Kiran

The Warrior of Light.


Height: 5’11"
Weight: 185 lb.
Age: 19 (biologically), unknown (mentally)
Born: Tamesa 13th, year unknown
Home: none (represented Madain Sari in Garamonde 114)
Weapon: Sword
Theme: Jesper Kyd, Guardian (Darksiders 2). Past: Rob Dougan, Clubbed to Death.
Class: Warrior

Kalil Kiran is a broad-shouldered swordsman with a dramatic and instantly recognizable profile. Kalil’s thick black hair is either pulled back in a topknot or let loose to hang around his shoulders. He is the only member of the group with facial hair, a well-groomed beard that he strokes thoughtfully even when he’s not being particularly thoughtful. Kalil’s eyes, formerly swirls of color due to his tie to Chaos, have solidified into grayish-gold, and he no longer hides them behind sunglasses to spare casual observers the strangeness.

Kalil’s sense of style has changed rapidly over the years, and his relationship with tailor extraordinaire Mariano Dalmasca has not slowed that in the slightest. Long identified with dark sunglasses and his signature red coat, Kalil has changed that out in late 114 for a blue and white waistcoat (1st Generation Kenway), black slacks (IANS Arisato), and the Manica Doma, a single-shoulder guard that carries his materia. Kalil has yet to formally adopt a captain’s hat to his new nautical ensemble, despite Mariano’s urging.

Kalil once defined himself by the undefinable — Chaos — but since shedding himself of Chaos and embracing the Light, he’s become even more unpredictable. The return of his memories has made Kalil inquisitive and curious, and he’s the first to boost spirits with a strange, seemingly unrelated anecdote from his past. Kalil firmly believes in doing the right thing even if it is not the easy thing, and rarely thinks of himself before he thinks of another. Optimistic, cheerful, and goofy, Kalil is game for nearly anything at any time.


While the being that is Kalil existed for at least a thousand years, Kalil as he is now known has existed for much less time.

Pre-Quel’Malar Kalil

The original Kalil made his name as a student of Garland, alongside his close friend Kheda. Garland trained Kalil and Kheda as twin warriors, molding them as two fighters who could fight as one, twins in spiritual form, not physical. He presented them with swords at the conclusion of their training; Kalil with the katana Suqvana, and Kheda with the katana Asuun. Kalil coveted Asuun, and soon killed his friend Kheda for it.

Soon after, Kalil began traveling with Kheda’s sister Khaelynn and his friends Grol and Jensen. While the memories of this time are jumbled and slow to return, a few things are known. Kalil and Khaelynn became lovers, at least for a time, and he told her of the dark thoughts and nightmares that plagued him. She believed the High Priest in Quel’Malar could save him, and bid him to travel with them to see the High Priest. The quartet spent a considerable amount of time in Mournten, where Kalil gained the trust of the God-King Odin. After the Fall of Paradise, Kalil was imprisoned for the silencing of Odin, but he was freed by the Majordomo of the Kingdom of Donnerich and his friends.

Kalil traveled to Quel’Malar, and upon arriving in the city, he made his true desires known. Quel’Malar housed an entrance to the Lifestream, termed the Nexus, and Kalil worked with a man named Haishi to overthrow the High Priest of Alexander and gain control of the Nexus. Kalil intended to use the Nexus to unlock the true strength of Asuun, to limit Chaos’s control over him. Kalil murdered his friends, Grol, then Jensen, and finally Khaelynn, slaying them one by one in cold blood. The murder of Khaelynn would prove to be Kalil’s doom and grace in one breath, because when Kalil slew her, she sundered Chaos.

The Birth of Mandelbrot

All those killed by the Sword of Chaos, held by the Swordsman of Chaos, joined the Army of Chaos. Kheda was the first to be slain, and when he arrived in the Sea of Chaos in Kalil’s heart, he found a speck of humanity there. Kheda protected that speck, and over time it grew. Khaelynn’s arrival to the Sea of Chaos, her fury, fear, and shame broke Chaos in two,separating the darkness of Chaos from the humanity that gave it form. The being known as Kalil became two; Kalil and Mandelbrot.

The newly humanized Kalil realized Mandelbrot’s aim, and rushed to stop him, but he arrived too late; Haishi slew the High Priest of Alexander and threw his body into the Nexus, corrupting the northern continent’s Lifestream and dooming the continent to a thousand years of undeath. Kalil fled the continent and returned to the mainland, anxious to combat Chaos and stop Mandelbrot for what he had done.

Kalil journeyed to the Sea of Chaos to gain the strength to fight Mandelbrot, but found another waiting — Sephiroth, called forth by the splitting of Chaos. Kalil fought Sephiroth for control, lost, and that would be the first time Kalil died. Sephiroth fragmented Kalil’s remaining memories and sent him back into Damocles, armed with Suqvana, to add to Chaos’s army and grow in strength until such time as he needed Kalil again.

Kalil wandered for a thousand years, never really establishing a home or a purpose. Legends of the Swordsman of Chaos grew, though, with kingdoms rising, nations falling, and Kalil seemingly always close by.


After a terrible battle, Kalil washed ashore in the small fishing village of Mileen. The Dalmasca family took him in and nursed him back to health, until one day Kalil left.

Kalil found an enterprising young summoner in Striestadt, and latched onto Darien Reinholder just as he latched onto Khaelynn so many years before. Kalil and Darien joined GAMMA along with Luxuocidad-born Aidan Denun, and the three of them trained together for some time before GAMMA split in the wake of the first attack from Caelis Balthazar.

Kalil found a black, sparkling materia orb on the beach of GAMMA’s base, and after using it, gained incredible strength, speed, and skill. This orb was Mandelbrot, and Mandelbrot began fighting for control of Kalil’s body, forcing the Chaos to rage out of control within Kalil.

In Archeso 113, Kalil accidentally killed Aidan when he lost control of Irasasi. Shamed and furious, Kalil plunged his dagger into his own heart, killing himself to travel to the Sea of Chaos and fight for Aidan’s life. Aidan returned to Damocles tied to the same Chaos that bound Kalil, and the two struggled to rekindle their friendship. After encountering Caelis under Donnerich and learning about the history of the worlds prior to Damocles, Kalil and Darien were separated from Aidan, though they would bring him back to their side in a short time.

Kalil cast Mandelbrot out and fought him, eventually defeating his other half when Darien released the Tonberry King to free a materia orb and then force the Aeon of Chaos into that same orb (the battle ended with Kalil and Mandelbrot both inside the crystal, fighting inside the Far Realm, until Darien summoned Chaos back out, bringing the victor, Kalil, into Damocles).

Kalil, Darien, and Aidan met Naoko Kyuudou, Kogel, and Champ Justice shortly thereafter, and began a loose alliance that turned into a strong friendship over the next year. Kalil competed in Garamonde 113, placing highly in Fisticuffs (3rd) Tag (2nd, with Darien), and No Limits (2nd), winning Swordplay. Kalil met Mariano Dalmasca at the tournament and, after aiding her in saving Mileen from the Brood of the Dark Lord, began dating her, at which point she got him a new coat.

In Telos 113, Mandelbrot broke free of Kalil’s grasp and attacked the Commander of SeeD, Canute. A month later, Canute passed away from his injuries. A furious Kalil traveled to the Sea of Chaos to confront Mandelbrot, and with Sephiroth overseeing the full battle, fought and killed Mandelbrot, finally ridding him of the dark half of Chaos and restoring his memories. Before he could act on this new knowledge and let the others know Canute had been avenged, Sephiroth betrayed Kalil and killed him, taking full control of Chaos for himself, and leaving Kalil to die and be swallowed up into the Army of Chaos himself as an unthinking automaton, just like those who came before.

Warrior of Light

Four people plucked Kalil out of the darkness to give him a change to return to the light. Kalil made peace with Khaelynn, proved his good intentions to Kheda, entrusted his army to a man whose identity he’d never been able to confirm in Adahn, and then confided in Cloud Strife before meeting with Garland again to be reborn as the Warrior of Light. With Cloud Strife and Zidane Tribal now serving as his links free of EDEN, Kalil returned to Damocles as the Warrior of Light on the 13th of Tamesa 114, and after stealing two swords from the Thamasion Museum of History in Donnerich and recruiting Mist Walker and Landslide, flew to the party’s aid against Sephiroth, who had taken Kalil’s form.

Tateli 114 saw Kalil begin a secret operation to infiltrate and potentially destroy a secret spy organization called the Boryokudan. Mist Walker served as Kalil’s agent, with Gabriel his informational go-between.

In Archeso 114, Kalil and the others vanished, transported by Hades and Eden into pocket worlds designed to trap them clear of Damocles forever. Kalil’s world cast him as a simple soldier in the Army of Chaos under the command of General Mandelbrot. The combined efforts of Cloud, Zidane, Kheda, Khaelynn, Adahn, and Sephiroth broke Kalil free and allowed him to return to Damocles, six weeks after he disappeared, with the world threatening to fall apart in their absence. Kalil fought against the entire world, showing promise as a leader and commander as he struggled to keep Damocles intact until he was able to shatter the false realities with the Ragnarok, rescue the rest of the party, and bring Light to the Darkness.

In the wake of everyone’s return, Kalil expressed interest in a quiet life, perhaps raising chocobos on a ranch somewhere, far away from the stress and demands of his current life.

Kalil entered every tournament except for Summoning in Garamonde 114, ultimately repeating as Swordplay Champion and outlasting Kogel, Aidan, and Darien to become the new No Limits Champion.

On Friday, Porou 13, Kalil’s estate north of Night’s Run burned to the ground, and Kalil was severely injured attempting to save Mariano from the flames. Both he and Mariano were saved by Dante Zaldivar.

Fighting Style

Kalil rarely stands still in combat. Kalil is an active, agile swordsman, alternating between a katana in his main hand and another slashing sword in his offhand, or a massive zweihander to use his strength and power to overwhelm his foes. Over the last year, Kalil has incorporated the Ultima Hookshot into his repertoire, first in the style of redirection within combat, and ultimately refining it into a powerful device for shielding allies and relocating everything, up to and including the ground.

During Garamonde 114, Kalil took the lessons of his various masters to heart and began to incorporate all of them into his fighting style, unveiling the Forms system, combining Weapon, Stance, and Materia or Totema abilities into his steps.

Kalil’s Limit Break is a ten-step Sword Form, one that changes every time he uses it.


Through the use of Thousand Years and Thousand Lives, certain aspects of Kalil’s past lives have come known.


  • Has a thing about clockwork zombies — specifically about them touching him.
  • Has a thing about zombies of all kinds, really.
  • Is annoyed by nervous tics, like tapping staffs on the ground.
  • Can’t drive 55.
  • Was the first person to start calling Darien ‘D.’
  • Only person in Ad Astra history to get in a motorcycle accident on the third story of an apartment building.
  • Has an unnamed dagger that is quite important to him, and proved instrumental in freeing him from his Ordeal.

Kalil Kiran

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